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Lists of paintings sold at auction

Further biographical sources
  • Portrait of an Artist: 1994 interview with Ronald C. Bell about his life and art. Filmed and directed by David Quarrington for the Adelaide Art Society.

  • Australian Prints + Printmaking: a database listing printmaking artists from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region based on the print collection of the National Gallery of Australia.

  • McCulloch, Alan McCulloch, Susan McCulloch & Emily McCulloch-Childs (2006) The New McCulloch's Encyclopedia of Australian Art. 4th Edition. Melbourne: Aus Art Melbourne & The Miegunyah Press.

  • Germaine, Max (1990) Artists and Galleries of Australia, Volumes 1 & 2. Third Edition. Craftsman Press: Sydney.

  • Campbell, Jean (1989) Australian Watercolour Painters: 1780 to the Present Day. Sydney: Craftsman House.

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